We do all of this because of who we want to become:
the character we shape, the discipline we earn, the self-confidence we forge, the friendships we build, the mentors we gain, the belonging we enjoy, the humility we develop, the passion we play out.

That's why we do it.

competitive program


Dance is simply our avenue.

In just our first year CADA teams excelled with routines that beat
every major studio
in our valley.

then Year two, CADA was the only studio in the valley to receive 100% Diamond adjudications at spotlight dance cup among all major studios in the valley.

Year three brought continued excellence and positivity.

and the best is yet to come...

a cut above

Creating a competitive program for the valley that solves the major painpoints for competitive families 

Candice, our founder, turned her life upside down to create a studio competitive program in our valley that would solve all of these major pain points for competitive dance families.

Check out what makes CADA different: 

*Individual Attention

With CADA’s smaller team sizes and technique classes, your child gets consistent one-on-one feedback. More times across the floor. Less time standing in lines. The growth curve for each of our dancer’s every year is wonderful! 

*Professional Coaching. Professional Training. 

Did you know that in our first year CADA Teams beat routines from every major studio in the valley? And our second and third year brought continued excellence. We’re not wasting any time striving for the excellence that we can be right now. 

*Positive Environment 

Our coaches lead with high love and high expectations. That means rising to excellence in teamwork and individual growth while doing so with coaches whose philosophy is a growth mindset while striving for excellence.

Close work with our educated and experienced competition director, coaches, and training staff bring the major results and positive environment we set out to create by starting this studio in the first place. Click the "Testimonials" link in the menu to check out our huge list of testimonials.

*Family Balance

We take family balance into account when scheduling competitions and rehearsals, striving to avoid times and as many holidays as possible that you could otherwise be spending with your family. Our organized and communicative administration is an emphasis at CADA particularly so that you can plan and balance your busy family.

Here are even more things that set us apart we know you’ve been wanting!

*Comfort and peace as a parent with classy, age-appropriate costuming, music, and movement
*Organized and Communicative administration so you can balance your busy family!
*Growth in CONFIDENCE for your dancer alongside her high growth curve with positive coaching
*World-renowned industry relationship opportunities
*Friends, Fun, and Belonging!

If these wins resonate with you too,
please fill out the interest form below for more information! 

Why choose CADA Competition Teams & Companies?

the philosophy

the training

the artists

the choreography

creation plus innovation

classic with cutting edge

customized and intimate

Foundational time-tested training plus the latest cutting-edge curriculums. Now add to that formula small class sizes and the most efficient dance trainers in the valley. The return on investment? More effective use of time and spend. More life balance.

Bringing world-class training and choreography to the Treasure Valley. Every single week. Every single routine.

In our small, intimate program we know each dancer, enabling us to customize demanding and progressive curriculums for each one's specific needs. Keeping every dancer challenged and growing to the perfect degree at the perfect level.

“You did more for my daughter tonight than I think you know. You are amazing and you need to be coaching. You are not only amazing for their dancing but for their souls as well.”